* in collaboration with Coco Yoga *

Nottingham, UK


This workshop is a unique, energetic and playful Rocket Yoga class. Expect to leave feeling revived, free and completely satisfied.

Rocket Yoga is a sweaty and freeing way to challenge and recharge yourself, inside and out. It’s a system, based on Ashtanga Yoga and founded by the late Larry Schultz. Designed around the joints and muscles groups, the Rocket system has 4 main sequences. Bottle Rocket is the entry sequence; a class based on the Bottle Rocket allows us to become familiar with the system, and fly where and if we wish and where we are individually able. It’s the spring board for all of the juicy extras that the rest of the Rocket system has to offer. 
Rocket is there to get you there faster!
In this 2-hour session we will use the Bottle Rocket sequence as a base, adding transition, inversions and modifications for an invigorating, refreshing and fun experience. This class is accessible to all flexibilities and strengths.


Available to Yogis who have taken 10+ Vinyasa Flow Classes. Not suitable for pregnancy.

  • When? Sunday 10th March 2019 @ 1:30-3:30pm
  • Where? Dance4 Studio (big, bright, beautiful), iC4C, Dakeyne Street, Nottingham, UK
  • Cost? £25 pp, includes a wellness Goodie bags with partners Weleda, Kind Snacks and Nix & Kids (collaborations by the dream-duo at Coco Yoga)
  • What to bring? Some water, a towel (it might get sweaty) and a smile! All mats and equipment provided.
  • Booking? Bookable via instragram DM to Coco Yoga. 

Funky poses are not mandatory! Modifications to suit all abilities – the satisfaction from this class is universal

Come fly with us!

Previous Workshops:
  • Hip Opening: Heat, Holds & Happiness    November 2016

Client feedback includes My hips have stayed open since the workshop“, “I felt absolutely refreshed, renewed and strong after the last session“, “I totally needed that”, “Please run another!

Thank you x