The Rocket Sequences – Simplified

What does all this Rocket Yoga talk mean?

N4 - PARK - Wheel 1-legged

• Bottle Rocket

This is the ‘barebones’ of the Rocket series. Bottle Rocket is the skeleton upon which the other sequences are built. Bottle Rocket offers the perfect introduction to The Rocket, giving modifications for all poses. It has allowances for adding and removing poses to suit the student(s) and builds a strong physical base for the following sequences.

Bottle Rocket is a simple sequence, carefully designed around the joins to open the body and give it a full stretch in 45 minutes.

Duration: A 45-60 minute sequence. Option to add a finishing sequence (+15 mins).

• Rocket I

Albeit an all-round practise, as Rocket always is, the focus of Rocket I is the lower half of the body. Known as the “long and strong” sequence, the focus is on the legs, and building a strong foundation for the week ahead. Commonly practised on a Sunday, Monday and Thursdays by Rocketeers around the world; such a feeling of unity as you breath hard into a posture!

Rocket I offers more variations in standing poses and an extended seated sequence based on poses from the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga – forward-bending to elongate the back of the body. Rocket I also incorporates elements of Pilates and handstands [optional] between some poses.

Duration: A 75 minute sequence in isolation. Option to add a finishing sequence (+15 mins).

• Rocket II

Again, always an all-round work-out, Rocket II focuses a little more on Backbends, core and strengthening the arms.

The focus is less on the legs – so a much quicker standing sequence to begin – allowing time opening and strengthening the back, upper body and the core. There are more variations of seated poses, including arm balances, backward bends and twisting. Like Rocket I, Rocket II incorporates elements of Pilates and handstands [optional] between some poses.

Duration: A 75 minute sequence in isolation. Option to add a finishing sequence (+15 mins).

• Rocket III – Mixed Level

The ultimate Rocket sequence and the ‘Happy Hour’ of Rocket Yoga!!

Always practised on a Friday, the joy of Rocket III is not only that is works everywhere, but it becomes a celebration of the week just gone. Also, you practise in the knowledge that Rocket III Yoga is being practised all over the world so everyone is in it together!

Rocket III is the strong ending to your week. It incorporates elements of both Rocket I and Rocket II and has the most poses of any Rocket sequence. This means students experience a wider range of movement. Rocket III consists of many different standing variations plus forward bends, arm balances and backbends. The beauty is you pick and choose options accessible to your practise, channeling the ‘inner teacher’ to guide you.

Duration: A 75 minute sequence in isolation. Option to add a finishing sequence (+15 mins).


Rocket abs, Rocket splits and Rocket transitions – of which there are many, for all levels – are included in all Rocket sequences. There are points where variations are peppered in which means that each sequence can be different. Sometimes knowing what is coming is wonderful, sometimes knowing what is coming is tiring. Rocket is a perfect balance between the two; you know the general structure but there’s always room for a new curveball to keep things interesting, challenging and refreshing!

• Rocket Closing Sequence

A hip-opening, restorative sequence that can be added to any of the Rocket sequences. Includes Pigeon, Cow-faced pose and a handful of other hip-openers, also can include some ‘Rocket transitions’ including playful inversions.

Duration: Approx. 15 minutes, can be longer.

Why are there 4 Rocket sequences?

Rocket is ultimately designed to give you the most varied yoga practise across any given week. Designed specifically to be practised on certain days of the week, by adhering to the ‘Rocket Schedule’, the entire body is stretched and strengthened; all muscles, all joints, all tissues benefitting from the practise. The weekly Rocket schedules cumulatively offers up 140+ yoga poses for your practise in 1 week.

  • Sunday* – Any practise, including Vinyasa Flow or Ashtanga Primary Series
  • Monday – Rocket I
  • Tuesday – Rocket II
  • Wednesday – Rocket II
  • Thursday* – Rocket I or Vinyasa Flow or Ashtanga Primary Series
  • Friday – Rocket III
  • Saturday – Day of rest and reflection

*It is seriously coincidental that my Vinyasa Flow classes are on Sundays and Thursdays!

All explanations above come from my Rocket Yoga Guide and training. All credit goes to Amber Gean of Yoga Ah Studio in Cincinnati, US. Thank you again to Amber for her training, guidance and inspiration.