Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga in a safe and supportive environment.

Catering for the 2nd and 3rd trimester (14 weeks+), Pregnancy Yoga classes are carefully designed to maintain movement, to bring physical relief and to empower mums-to-be at this special time.

1:1 classes work with the needs of mum-to-be, focusing on problem areas, working on breathing techniques and keeping her physically active. Encouraged to connect with their unborn baby, mums prepare for the new arrival. Kate uses breathing exercises to create space in the body, to bring calm to mum and to introduce ways in which breathing, movement and visualisations can facilitate birth.

Who can attend? Pregnant mums from 14 weeks to full term. No previous yoga experience necessary.

Cost: £60.00 for 1 hour or £65.00 for 75 minutes

Location: Locations outside of N8, N4, N10, N7 will be slightly higher to incorporate travel expenses.

Equipment: All equipment provided. But if you have a blanket and cushions handy, they will be useful!

Please enquire with Kate

Booking details
  • All private classes are pre-payment only.
  • Cancellations are fully chargeable within 48-hours of the session.