Thursday Night Yoga @ Park Road

It’s with regret and a sad-face that I announce that I will be vacating my Thursday night yoga class at Park Road Leisure Centre.

Be assured, it was a hard decision because I LOVE this class.

LAST CLASS: Thursday 30th March 2017

Life is busy, I’d be lying if I said it was calm. With recent life events – exciting, positive ones like getting married and saving for a mortgage – I’ve gone back to part-time office work, and although I continue to adore and teach 1:1 yoga, corporate classes and my local Sunday morning class, I simply can’t do everything [I actually can’t, I tried to do it all and my health didn’t like it…]

This is a temporary move whilst we save some pennies.

In future I will ramp up my Yoga schedule again and I hope you’ll keep in touch until then!

I also hope that I’ll see some of the Thursday-night yogis on an ad-hoc basis – PRLC have promised I’ll be first on the cover list when required 🙂

Given the lighter evenings and emergence of spring, don’t be surprised if Thursday nights become park-yoga nights…. I‘m solar-powered and cannot wait to get on the outdoor-yoga mat!

Thanks for understanding. Keep in touch xx

** My Sunday class is unaffected and will continue as usual **