Can I get yoga classes into my workplace?

….the answer is, YES!

And thankfully, you don’t have to be CEO or HR to get corporate yoga happening in your workplace. It comes from employees.

You can simply ask about the possibilities of putting a yoga class on, for a trial period, and I can help you do that.

An idea, a chat and an email is the common process…. it’s as simple as that!


Why is yoga in the workplace becoming more common in London?

There are many published articles discussing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness in the workplace, many of which are slowly but surely being proven. Staff productivity, efficiency and motivation increases, as does employees’ general health and well-being awareness. Sickness days go down, anxiety and depression is lowered, and essentially overall morale improves.

At it’s most simple, bringing yoga into the office means you and your colleagues get to practice much-needed mindfulness and mental escape, whilst reaping the benefits of a strong, physical yoga practice. All without the stress of leaving the office.

That’s why companies are beginning to offer yoga in the workplace as an additional benefit to employees alongside health insurance, dental etc.

But they do need you to ask…..

How do I make it happen?

Practical details & costs:

The common route to yoga in the workplace is selecting an external teacher and finding a mutually agreeable date/time, every week for 6-8 weeks (initially). The yoga teacher then comes in and teaches yoga to a pre-agreed group of employees on a weekly basis.

The sessions are commonly paid for by the organisation, either included as part of Employee Benefits OR brought on site at an either subsidised or discounted cost.

There is also the option for employees to self-fund a class; classified as a ‘Private Booking’; the only caveat here is that ALL students must pre-pay to secure the booking – any missing payment renders the booking incomplete.



  • When: Before, during or after work, 1 or 2 days a week, for 45-75 minutes (depending on the employers’ preference).
  • How often: Commonly, weekly. An initial booking of a 6-8 week course is required.
  • Where: Space needs to be provided by the employer. Usually on-site, for example meeting rooms/boardrooms. All London locations.
  • How many students: 1-20 students per class, depending on space available and employee appetite.
  • Equipment: Mats to be provided by the company [bulk-booking discounts can be found]. Arrangements can also be made for mat supply by the teacher depending on group numbers, and hired at a fee.
  • Other: Given it can be a sweaty practice, it’s advised that showers are available after the class.



  • Between £75 and £100 per class; depending on class duration, number of students and location.
  • Pre-payment is compulsory for the whole course, to secure the booking. Minimum booking of 6 weeks for initial course. 
  • Bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable unless pre-arranged by both parties with 3 weeks’ notice.

Please get in touch to discuss your preferences and receive a cost quote ~ with no obligation.