“But it’s too cold!” – early morning exercise

Setting your alarm in the morning for exercise will always induce the same feelings:

  1. Guilt, because last night you were TOTALLY going to do it.
  2. Hope, because you know you’ll feel awesome….afterwards.
  3. Tiredness, because it’s 6-something-am, you’ve already yawned so much your face hurts and it’s cold. So very cold.

And dark.

  • First tip: Clothes on Radiator. For runners, yogis, gym-bunnies alike (it won’t help the swimmers much) – put your kit on the radiator. And don’t forget this only works if your heating comes on via a timer, that starts before you alarm goes off – essential detail! Yogis ~ JUMPER AND BIG SOCKS (you can still Downward dog in them). Warm clothes will never be bad. Like dressing under the duvet (this is also an option).
  • Second tip: Boil the kettle. Literally, the first thing you do once you’ve put on huge socks and an over-sized dressing gown. A warm drink – hot lemon is my tipple but whatever floats your boat – will get you warm, and give you task to focus on whilst you’re struggling to see. Alternatively, fill your hot water bottle and shove it up your jumper.
  • Third tip: TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF. You’re already up. High five! Repeat to yourself: You’ll do 10 minutes on the yoga mat. Run 2 miles. Do 20 minutes at the gym (no, not all of the above) and if you’re still tired, sit in the sauna/steam room/have a 15-minute shower (because you have time?) sit on your yoga mat and breathe. Meditate. If you’re running, walk. Enjoy empty streets. Imagine the shower awaiting you.Once you get going, you might feel like iron-(wo)man.

You might still feel rubbish…but you’ve given yourself the best chance. Listen to your body. It might surprise you ☺️

Happy training x