April Workshop: A little Yang, a little Yin

Jump into spring with me 🙂 Join me on the mat for my spring workshops!

Scheduled outside of our usual sessions, workshops give us the time to release, review and recuperate. Perfectly timed as we enter warmer days and lighter nights, these workshops will provide you with physical release, mental respite and some time for gentle reflection.

My first workshop of 2016 will be a Yin-focused practise…

A little Yang, a little Yin (90 mins)


Yin yoga is a slower yoga practise where poses are held for 3-5 minutes. Using props (blocks, straps, bolsters) to ease the body into opening, supine and restorative poses, the aim is to give the brain time to settle and the body chance to open once all of the initial automatic/conscious tension has disappeared. We find depth in poses that we usually wouldn’t. How you feel in a pose – mentally and physically – changes throughout a longer-hold. Although physically challenging, the outcome of Yin is a sense of phyiscal release and vitality – you feel extremely open.

Yin yoga is a wonderful tonic for people who find tightness in their bodies; stiff muscles, closed joints, often from other athletic activities. The body’s natural resistance changes throughout a pose, easing up with time, and finally letting go.

45 mins of Flow Yoga + 45 mins of long-hold supine postures. It’ll leave you feeling open and rejuvenated ✨

Saturday 23rd April, 4:00-5:30pm ~ Crouch End

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